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Funding your case

Initial Consultation
We offer a free thirty minute in person or phone consultation to each and every new client. Please contact our office to schedule your consultation.

Retainer Representation
This is our most popular option for clients–but what is a retainer and how does this work?

A retainer is a deposit that you pay upfront and is placed into your attorney’s Client Trust Account. Until work is performed on your case, these funds remain yours and protected by the law office. As our office works on your case, we track our time and bill you per hour. The “billed hours” are withdrawn from your client trust account on a bi-weekly basis when a billing statement is issued to you for review.

When an attorney is retained for a case and they enter their appearance on that case, they handle everything for you: speaking to and filing documents with the court, handling the opposing attorney, speaking on your behalf to the judge. While you remain in the driver’s seat for how the case progresses, the attorney is involved each and every step of the way.

Some cases are able to be completed within the first retainer. Others are not. We will discuss your case at your initial consultation and go over what to expect as you move forward in your case.
If you are a policeman/woman, firefighter, first responder, active duty military or veteran, please be sure to ask us about our special hourly rates.

Flat Fee Representation
Depending on your needs, this could be an affordable option for you: how does a flat fee work and how does it differ from a retainer program?

A flat fee option for you is different in two ways. First, is the fee: there are no billable hours or invoices. You pay one sum to the office and it covers the cost for the work performed by our office regardless of the hours spent working by the office.

Second, typically, flat fee options are on a more limited basis. The courts allow attorneys to assist individuals on a limited assistance basis.

Perhaps you need an Annual Guardianship Report drafted and filed, or a Joint Petition for Divorce package drafted and filed, or representation for one hearing. With this program, we can provide quality legal assistance, at a reasonable cost to you.

We can discuss this type of representation further at your initial consultation and see if this might be the appropriate option for you.