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Every family law matter is important. In many situations, being able to be with loved ones is dependent on how well individuals can negotiate, develop creative solutions, and present information in a courtroom. Financial freedom may also depend on these skills in a divorce situation as well. The average person does not use these skills on a daily basis the way that a family law attorney does. That means that many people are at a severe disadvantage if they do not have competent legal representation.

Affordable and Quality Representation

Unfortunately, the reality is that many individuals and families who must take action in a family law situation cannot afford high-priced attorneys. They are often forced to tackle some of the most difficult circumstances they will ever face on their own. Thankfully, Sladen & Costigan offers affordable, effective representation.

No one should have to go through family law experiences alone. Sladen & Costigan offers a variety of cost-effective solutions to meet clients’ needs, including:

  • Flat fee options
  • Limited assistance representation
  • Flexible retainer choices

Sladen & Costigan provides options that will maximize representation without the hefty price tag that other family law firms may use.

Creative and Effective Representation

Attorneys Diana Sladen and Caitlin Costigan of Sladen & Costigan prides themselves on providing effective representation that makes every effort to find innovative solutions while also cutting down on costs. The team will work hard to avoid the courtroom, if possible, which significantly decreases the time and expense of most family law matters. Nonetheless, Sladen & Costigan are also capable and zealous trial attorneys that will represent a client’s interests well at trial.

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There is too much at stake when you and your loved ones participate in a family court action. Don’t do it alone. We are here to help in any way we can.

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