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Posted by Christopher
Caitlin did a phenomenal job working with my now ex wives attorney, who was very slow to respond and not very helpful. She kept calm and pressed the important matters which helped streamline the divorce, while ensuring that the custody and seperation agreement was fair, and achievable. She was always very fast to respond, and ensured she had the most up to date information. When it came to court, she made sure her voice and all the facts were heard by the judge. I would highly recommend.

Flexible and helpful

Posted by Angela
Caitlin was flexible with all of my needs. Even during the pandemic and not having in person meetings, we communicated through different outlets, like zoom, phone, and email. I was especially grateful when Caitlin was able to help get my divorce hearing bumped up to almost immediately when it was originally set to a month away. She was helpful with communicating with the court for me and helping move things along quickly and smoothly. I’m happy with the service that Caitlin provided me.


Posted by Christina
I would definitely recommend Caitlin. She is very knowledgeable and well versed in law. She has enthusiastic energy and will fight for what you are aiming to accomplish.

Great representation

Posted by Kev
Caitlin was my attorney representing me in a divorce. We’ve all heard about cases that drag on way too long but my experience with Caitlin was the opposite. Her interest and actions were focused on fair resolution. Her professionalism not only impressed favorably on me but was a factor in gaining confidence with the opposing party. Those are valuable qualities to have on your side under such circumstances.


Posted by Jonathan
I hired Attorney Costigan to handle a frivolous restraining order keeping me from my children. She prepared hard, and worked hard to make sure I was prepared, and ready for our court date. she was very professional, assertive, strong, and asked all the right questions. The judge vacated the order, and I left court with all my rights restored to me. This will prove to set us up nicely for probate court. I highly recommended Caitlin as she is a hardworking attorney. She always returned my calls, texts, and emails in a timely manner. Thank you Attorney Costigan.

Calm yet tenacious attorney who got the job done.

Posted by Jodi
Caitlin took over my divorce case after another lawyer had been working on it for over a year and was getting nowhere. Caitlin reviewed the case and contacted the opposing council quickly and was ready within a week to spend the day in court with me trying to come to an agreement with my Ex-husband and his attorney. Caitlin explained things thoroughly to me so I could make informed decisions during this time, and when I had questions she was not sure of she reached out to her network and got answers quickly. Because of her calm manner and tenacity (which together is tough to find) I am now divorced. She was able to complete in one week on the case and only one day with opposing council what my first lawyer could not do in over a years time and many meetings. I would recommend Caitlin to others looking for a divorce attorney.


Posted by Daniel
Caitlin has helped me during a divorce and as her client she was informative about the process and answered my questions. The Plg form charges an exorbitant amount of money, but she was willing to listen to my concerns.