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Super positive experience for a difficult circumstance

Diana was extremely supportive, empathetic and helpful for me when I reached out to discuss a needed change to my current separation agreement. She is very knowledgeable and quickly provided me answers and support about my concerns with my request for modification which included child support and physical custody changes. She also acted with great confidence which enabled me to feel more comfortable given the difficult situation. Every interaction was responded to quickly, phone calls or email. Diana and her team provided a great experience and any issue I have or if I know someone who needs her expertise, I would absolutely recommend her!

– Sandy     

Great Lawyer!!

Diana is an amazing Lawyer and truly know the law for all 3 states in the New England area. It was no hassle at all for me she took care of everything and was very fast with the process. I recommend her to everyone. I’m so happy I hired her to represent me in my case. Thank you Diana so much!!

– Darlene     

Professional help 1500 miles away.

Diana and her staff invested hard work on my matter with the utmost professionalism all with me being 1500 miles away. Diana has a take charge and make it happen attitude and delivered results. I am not sure how she got to the results so fast in my case and had it resolved so quickly but I totally appreciate it. I also appreciated her legal guidance on matters involving my case especially where Diana thought ahead and helped me understand the what and why. Custody cases are never easy but I felt at ease all the way through the process with Diana.

– Melody     

Exceeds Expectations

After being cornered into a difficult legal situation I was nervous, upset and clueless about what to do. I was already concerned about finding a lawyer I would feel comfortable with, would meet my needs and be available for any questions or concerns without making me feel like I was bothering them. I met with Diana and instantly felt calm and better about the whole situation. She immediately went to work on what needed to be addressed to clear the matter. I was always kept in the loop in regards to all communication and any changes that came up. Diana and her team were always quick to respond and answered any and all of my questions or concerns. The whole process from start to finish was professional on all levels. I always felt comfortable working with Diana and her team for the entire process. My expectations were exceeded and changed my perspective on finding a lawyer I could work with.

– Tiffany     

The child support agreement we reached was more than I had hoped for and she kept us from going to trial.

Attorney Sladen is a great communicator and I felt very comfortable with her from the start. She was very responsive, took the time to answer all of my questions and review all of the details regarding my case. She was very cost-conscious and efficient and didn’t waste time or money. My situation seemed like it would be an easy case but grew complicated due to the other party. When going to court, she was very prepared and supportive and was a strong voice for me and fought hard when I was at my weakest. I am pleased with the settlement/court order, it was more than I had hoped for. Diana let me know what to expect each step of the way and I felt very confident with her representing me. She never backed down. I can’t say enough about her attention to detail and the care she showed for my situation. I highly recommend her.

– Sandra     


I came to Attorney Sladen when I was at my ultimate rock bottom. I had 2 previous attorneys that did very little for me in my Family Probate case and was feeling very defeated. While in court I saw Attorney Sladen in action and loved what I saw! She represented her client with both strength and professionalism….I knew instantly that she was who I needed to represent and fight for me. In addition to her incredible strength and professionalism comes her amazing compassion. She has been a shoulder to cry on and my biggest cheerleader. Another big piece that drew me to her was her affordability. Having been battling in Family Probate for over 2 years, I was running low on finances. Attorney Sladen worked with me so that I could afford her without depleting my entire savings. I wish I had found Attorney Sladen years ago, but am so grateful to have her representing me now! I can’t say enough good things about her and highly recommend her.

– anonymous     

Very caring and down to earth

Diana was extremely helpful during a crazy time in my life. She helped broker a parenting plan with an over the top unmotivated ex. She answered every single one of my 1000 emails I had with in a three week period. She was straight forward and truthful with everything. She definitely goes above and beyond and the most important thing is that she cares. I can’t wait to continue to carry on doing business with her

– anonymous     

Highly Highly Recommend Diana!!

My Fiance and I were going through things with his daughter since 2014, after we thought all things were said and done we get slapped with another summons for grandparent visitation. After going threw all he went through to get custody of his beautiful daughter, my Fiance and I said we need a lawyer enough is enough. So we sat down called a bunch of lawyers, until I came across Diana. Right then and there just by reading her reviews not knowing anything about her I said to my Fiance she’s the one. He agreed, so right away we emailed her and told her about our situation. Not only did she respond by email right away, she wanted us to give her a call. We did and she wanted to meet with us to dicuss in person what was going on. We went and met with her she was the nicest women I have ever met, so much knowledge of the court system and how it works, and very very intelligent. After we consulted with her she had told me to contact her with any questions or concerns. From this day any question or concern My Fiance or I have she still makes time to respond to us. I’ve never been more excited to get a court date in the mail so We can hire her. She is so devoted to her clients I recommend her to anyone who needs a lawyer not only does she know what she is doing, but the time she takes out her day to respond just goes to show how much her clients mean to her, and how she is willing to help in anyway she can. Wonderful Wonderful Woman. If anyone needs a Family Lawyer Hire Diana..

– Nicole & Matt     

Fantastic lawyer

I hired Diana recently to represent me in a very difficult divorce case.
She was professional, thorough, and worked diligently through some very challenging issues in my case.

She understood my concerns and helped me though this difficult time with ease, professionalism and expert knowledge in divorces.

If I need legal representation in the future, I will hire her again.
If you are in search for an attorney who will listen to your concerns, work aggressively to represent you, hire Diana.
You wont be disappointed.

– Lis    

5+ star!

I highly recommend Attorney Sladen to anyone in need of a divorce attorney. She is extremely knowledgable and goes beyond the extra mile for her clients. Any questions I had for her (via email – my preference) were answered within 24 hours – usually the same day. I felt she always had my best interests in mind. Divorce is never an easy process, but I honestly felt I was in good hands throughout the entire process – up to and including the court date. Great representation makes all the difference in these cases and I can’t imagine having better representation.

– Sarah     


Just when I began to give up hope, I met Diana Sladen who was there to pick me up! I learned the hard way that not all lawyers really care about you or the details you share about your life. Actions speak louder than words. If you want to see action, Diana is the one for you! Her immediate attention to your requests and inquiries is unprecedented. I no longer had to chase my attorney down for a response or follow through. What a relief to know that she is there for me during this difficult time. I am so impressed that I’ve already referred my best friend to Diana and she’s since hired her! Thank you a ton, Diana! You and Allison Rich are the best!

– Kristen     

Very knowledgeable & personable attorney. Quick to respond to any and all questions throughout the divorce process.

Not knowing anything of how a divorce works, I was really nervous starting the process. Diana answered all of my questions along the way, and I had plenty of them! Her support staff was very professional but most noteably, they were genuine in their concern & expression to help throughout this difficult time. Divorce is a complicated process & the entire team made it understandable & easier to digest, for every step along the way. What I thought was going to be hurdles, Diana quickly knocked them down & we moved on. Great team to have in your corner when your future is at stake!!

– Gail     

Amazing divorce attorney

Diana represented me in my contested divorce today. I was extremely nervous as it was my first divorce and she kept me at ease and answered all of my questions. She did not make me feel stupid for asking things over again and treated me more like a friend speaking in plain language than lawyer jargon i wouldnt understand. She was great through the entire process and i couldnt have asked for better. I got everything i had asked for and was out of court in a timely manner within an hour. I would recommend Diana to anyone looking for an attorney. She was an absolute pleasure to work with! She will get it done! Thank you again Diana! So happy to start a new chapter of my life now!!

– Megan     

A Lawyer who actually cares

Diana is not your typical attorney who only focuses on billables, she actually cares about the person and their unique situation. She is always available and treats you with respect and as a friend not a client. She’s willing to think outside of the box and be strategic and values your opinion and strategy and will never do anything you’re not comfortable with. She is not only an amazing attorney but a wonderful human being who is relatable, professional and amazing at what she does. Thank you Diana for being in my corner supporting me through some of the hardest times of my life.

– Samira     

Shutter to think

When first i spoke with Diane i was caught in a whirlwind of an ongoing contested custody situation about 2 years and 20 thousand dollars in the making. i was in a dire situation as my daughters mother had all but taken my parenting from me, as well my prior attorney informed me that it was not feasible to go back to court until my bill was current. i was a wreck. But as is said; its always darkest before the dawn. Attorney Sladen is that shining light. She took upon herself 2 years of another attorneys mess and found sense where none could be found. In a custody battle heading straight to an expensive trial while a daughter and father missed valuable time Diane was able to bring about a pretty unbelievable agreement. She is a consummate professional with an almost inherent knowledge of the law, whose focus and empathy is reminiscent of someone fighting for their own child. Would i recommend Attorney Diane Sladen? Unequivocally, unabashedly, undoubtedly and absolutely,, Yes. i shutter to think what would be had Diane not intervened and I would not hesitate to hire her again should the need arise. I cannot thank her enough.

Dana and the Tiny :]

– Dana     

Multi-State Madness

Diana is a phenomenal individual. She’s was more than just my attorney. She was my gladiator. I moved to the Midwest from the Southwest for employment. I left my children with a trusted friend while establishing myself in a new city. Unfortunately, my children’s dad collected them without my consent, and traveled to New England. I was in tears for months. When I called Diana she listened with concern. She handled these circumstances with expertise, skill, compassion and diligence. Attorney Sladen reunited me with my children shortly thereafter. I highly recommend Diana and her team.

– anonymous     

Highly Recommend Diana!!!

Diana was there for me every step of the way for modification of my child support order. She was compassionate, caring and completely understanding yet firm in knowing what my daughter was entitled to. With my daughter being 18 and going to college I felt overwhelmed in so many ways. My ex would not agree at all to anything before I hired her, but she made it all happen and then some!!! Diana made the process positive and knew exactly how to handle the situation. I never in a million years thought the outcome would be as good as it was. She knew exactly what she was doing and how to approach the situation to get the most she could for my daughter. I’m so happy I hired her!!! Her team was on top of everything and if I had any questions they were immediately answered. The email correspondence was always within minutes and Diana always made herself available to discuss the case with me.

– Melissa     

Highly Recommend

Diana was a pleasure to work with! Every email and phone call was answered quckly and efficiently. Diana helped me with a contempt of court charge and worked well with my Ex-husbands attorney to get the money that was owed to me. I highly recommend working with this attorney, she is wonderfully professional. I know I will need to work with her again and I feel confident that my case will be handled with the same high standards as our first case.

– Lorraine     

Refreshingly Amazing World Class Experience!

Diana’s commitment and kind attention in my case supersedes excellence. Attorney Sladen is 5 star attorney on my book of life. Her dedication and collaboration made my divorce process very easy. She made a difference, she is extraordinary and for that I am very grateful.

– Alexis     


I met w/ Diana for my divorce proceeding. I have an opportunity to work with her after going thru a few different lawyers and I have to say that she is the best. I wish that I had started with her from the beginning. If you want someone to represent you in court, it’ll be Diana. She’s goes over any questions and concerns that I might have. She ALWAYS get back to you via email, text, or phone.

– Kim N    

Amazing attorney!

Diana is a fabulous attorney. From the moment I contacted her (several months prior to being ready to file for my divorce) through our day in court, she has been there for me every step of the way. She has explained the way everything would happen, given me options on what my choices are, and created a rock solid separation agreement for me. She has always responded to my emails and phone calls promptly, and made sure the process was as stress-free as it could be. I was never surprised by anything in the process. She made a hard time in my life much easier, and I’m so glad I hired her!

– Leah     

Job well done

Diana represented me in a child custody battle that was transferred from California to Boston. She did such a phenomenon job. I could not be better represented. She fought for me and helped me do the right thing..I ‘ll always be grateful for her for what she did with my son.

– Harry     

Organized, Efficient, & Smart

Diana represented me for a divorce proceeding. She was a wealth of knowledge, available to me without hesitation, listened to the needs of the situation, and gauged our action plan on this- knowing every divorce is the same…yet very different. The entire office, from the first contact I had with Megan- to Diana and David was outstanding. They did not disappoint at all and became my vision for my future when I needed it the most. Thank you!!! A life saver and life changing event with ultimate professionals.

– Denise     

Highly Recommend

Diana represented me at a child support modification hearing. I live in CT but my divorce hearings are in Dartmouth MA and I hired Diana after a very positive phone conversation. The lawyer who represented me at my initial divorce did not seem to have my interests at heart. Diana’s attitude was totally different. There was not debate as to who Diana represented. She provided me with good advice as to how to proceed and I ended up in a better situation because of Diana’s assertive approach. Diana understood that although it is a stressful situation for me, I required a strong person to represent me against by ex-wife. She fulfilled that requirement and then some.
As soon as my hearing was completed, I told Diana that I would be reaching out to her to represent me in the future. I would highly recommend Diana to represent you.

– Gordon     

Wonderful Family Law Attorney

Diana represented me in my divorce and she was understanding, compassionate, and pragmatic. She picked up my case and was extremely thorough in analyzing the issues and listening to my perspective. She expediently helped guide me to a settlement by providing alternatives to my proposals that were sound and was excellent at explaining the anticipated position of the court. Being an attorney myself, I found it very difficult to avoid inserting my opinion in the matter but Diana was excellent at working with me and finding a satisfactory solution despite my strong opinions. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a family law attorney in the future.

– anonymous     

Highly Recommended

Diana Sladen took me on as her client in a very tough divorce, mostly because of the Lawyers that failed previously that I hired. She came in at the tail end, when things were already at its worse and not only got me what I was entitled too, but also was very sincere and caring to how sensitive the situation was. I would highly recommend her, she will fight for you and not back down!
Thank You Mrs. Sladen, I wish I hired you first.

– Eric     

A Remarkable Experience

Going through a divorce was one of the most stressful periods in my life. Having Diana by my side and leading me through the process was very comforting. I knew I made a wise choice after our first meeting. Diana had the answer to all my questions, which there were many and with a calming and assertive manner made me feel at ease. She predicted step by step exactly how things would unfold. I was fortunate to have Attorney Sladen on my team and highly recommended her to anyone involved in a similar situation.

– Lloyd     

Highly meticulous, driven, compassionate attorney

Diana Sladen is a gem. She is sophisticated, assertive, and extremely proactive. She represented me in my divorce, tending to sensitive matters involving financial care and custody of my 2 young children. This was an extremely unsettled and stressful time in my life. Diana expressed knowledge, tact, and compassion in all interactions. In my most anxious moments, she always assured me that everything was going to be okay, and it was. She has a peaceful strength about her, and a quick wit to boot. I’m so happy that Diana and I crossed paths. She was everything I was looking for, and more. I want to offer a deep and sincere thank you to Diana Sladen for everything she did to complete my divorce quickly and seamlessly. I will always be thankful for this experience. I feel like my life finally has direction again, and I owe that in large part to Diana Sladen.

– Mary     

Proffesional and Trustworthy

I am an attorney and have worked with Attorney Sladen on many cases. I have always found here to be very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend her.

– Kevin